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Driving Lessons in Leighton Buzzard, LU7

Leighton Buzzard test centre is currently the most used centre for DLA Driving School and one thatʼs very welcoming and easy to use.

Learning to drive around Leighton Buzzard gives you a great opportunity to drive on many different types of roads from single file country roads to the main bypass and Dual carriageways. Alongside these the main road through the town centre can be quite challenging with many roundabouts and zebra crossings.

In general Leighton Buzzard can be quite a relaxed place to carry out your driving lessons but it does have its challenging areas such as Old Linslade Road which has an unusual bridge situation and Bassett road with a very difficult junction at the end.

There are also a couple of junctions that cross the bypass that students tend to struggle with.

As much as DLA coach people to drive to be safe drivers for life we will include all these difficult areas during your lessons to not only help you through your test but also to show you the many different types of junctions and situations you can come across.

As well as these roads Leighton Buzzard has varying speed limits with many 20mph zones so being aware of your surroundings and speed limits is very important.

To learn to drive in Leighton Buzzard, LU7 with DLA.....

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Charlene Customer Review Driving Lessons


Leighton Buzzard

"Dave is a wonderful driving instructor! Very patient and put me at ease from day one. I passed my test first time thanks to Dave's guidance and support and I would definitely recommend taking your lessons with him, he's the best!"

Driving lessons in Leighton Buzzard
Connor Customer Review Driving Lessons


Leighton Buzzard

"Great, friendly instructor who makes every driving lesson worthwhile to get you ready for your test."

Driving lessons in Leighton Buzzard